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Salliv turns residential real estate upside down! That’s why read backwards, “Salliv” is "villas". Villas are the top class of residential properties. Salliv is the top class of property investments.

Our administrative offices are based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, where Asset Management is carried out by our team of Real Estate experts with experience since 1992. Our portfolio managers are based in various countries throughout the world, such as in Germany, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. We have a wide base of project funding from sources in the Middle East, Russia, South America and Europe.

Salliv Invest links up the best possible yields in real estate with the best finance resources in the world. That’s why our motto is, ” Think globally, act locally!”

Business Focus

At Salliv, we invest in outdated properties to bring them up to date with smart reforms for successful returns in the marketplace.

Investing in mediocre property creates mediocre returns. Property development is how returns are generated in real estate with housing usually built to last.

Sometimes housing starts to age without losing its utility. This results in properties that are undervalued. Salliv’s strategy is to detect and exploit the potential of these properties as they are cheaper to develop than new constructions. Very often they offer a specific flair and style that a new building could never generate.

Investment Strategy

Salliv is a savvy investor. Our focus is on buying low, reforming smart, and selling high. The faster a property is turned over, the better.

Investment shemes are e.g.

  • Buy, divide, sell
  • Buy, improve, sell
  • Buy, transform, sell (for example, converting a hotel into a senior residence, an apartment block into a hotel, a hotel into holiday apartments etc.)
  • Buy, unite, sell (building a complex for commercial or residential use from an entire neighborhood)

The investment regions to capitalize on

  • Districts
  • Regions
  • Vacation destinations
Mostly in the Old World. Salliv acts as a developer, shareholder and provider of mezzanine financing for the generation of profit that far exceeds average investment opportunities. Salliv uses the slower speed of change found in Europe as compared with that in the USA or in Asia to its advantage. The American business spirit at Salliv puts us one step ahead of our European competitors.

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